Our Services

Feasibility Study

Preliminary Investigations, Technical Assessment, Commercial Viability We can help you to assess the...

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Grid Connection

Oztron can address all requirements for grid connection for Commercial Scale solar installations...

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Detailed Design & Engineering

Oztron can prepare all your detailed engineering designs and drawings Before ConstructionDetailed Layout, both...

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Plant Commissioning

After construction Inspection and Commissioning Power Quality measurements Protection Relay Testing, Injection Testing...

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Simulations & Optimization

PVSystHigh accuracy system design and simulation3D ModellingShading AnalysisMultiple roofs, orientationsDetailed loss analysis including...

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Remote Monitoring & Management

Inverters, Protection Relay, Storage, Generators. Modify settings. Remote diagnosis.

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Our Team

Tirthankar Banerjee

Founder & Director

Binayak Banerjee

Bijit Biswas

Greg D’Souza